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Motzz India incorporated in August of 2019, in a market that requires tremendous planning and marketing. The company is currently in the planning and the setup phase for the new plant at Dapode Bhiwandi. The factory includes high end machines for producing the products.

  • Premium Quality
  • Good Taste
  • Variety Flavours
  • Hygienic

The Best Trusted
Motzz Chips For You

  • Natural Process

    The products manufactured by Motzz will try to have very little food additives which is good for health.

  • Homegrown Goodness

    We will bring the products which have their own desi taste and are liked by all.

  • Hygienic Products

    Cleanliness in the premises of manufacturing will be our top most priorities our intention is to provide the best and the most hygienic products in the market.